Isometric Puzzle


Isometric video game graphics, a style in video games, with the playfield viewed at an angle instead of flat from the side or top; perspective is used to give a 3D effect; also known as "3/4 perspective", "2.5D", and "pseudo-3D"


Levels ■ Levels are unlocked sequentially. ■ Only the first level is playable at the start of the game. ■ Finish one level to unlock another. ■ Finishing one level automatically loads the next. ■ There are 64 levels in this game. ■ You can replay any of the levels you’ve already unlocked.

Game Goal

○ The game is suited for players who like simple path making games. ○ The game has no adult themed content.


○ On the welcome screen, select the purple play button below the game’s animated logo. ○ When you first load the game, it will ask you to choose an input method. ■ Swipe lets you use your fingers or your mouse to redirect the player character. ■ Tap lets you use the on-screen arrow buttons or keyboard arrow keys. ■ Both lets you switch between controls. ■ You can access these and other controls by selecting the gear button. ○ Your web browser automatically saves your game progress.


○ Desktop ■ With your mouse, left click on the desired direction to move. ■ With your keyboard, use the arrow keys to move. ○ Touchscreen devices ■ With your fingers: ■ Tap and swipe to move the character. ■ Tap on the arrow button to move. ○ Controls and indicators ■ The game’s main controls are shown on the top row. From left to right, they are as follows: ■ Hamburger button: This returns you to the level selection screen. ■ Reset button: This lets you start the level all over again. ■ Gear button: This opens the options window. From top to bottom, its options are as follows: ■ Sound: This allows you to turn the game’s audio on and off. ■ Control: This lets you choose the game’s controls. ■ The onscreen arrow buttons are shown on the bottom right.

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