Stack Builder


Stack builder is a fun and simple building game, you have to build skyscrapers with a touch of your finger and your dexterity. Build a building as high as you can, so it's can be called skyscraper. It's time to raise the stakes... and a tower, we suppose! Time your taps to raise the highest of high-rises in this amazing building simulator.Build the highest skyscraper which is belong to you.


- Click the mouse or tap the screen to drop the building block.. - Stack up the blocks and construct a tower - Build the tower as tall as you can. Don't Tap too fast!

Game Goal

So, now focus on your work and build up your stack!You have an excavator at hand and you need to operate it in the best way.


Leave a mark on the city silhouette with Stack Builder! Times have changed and there are certain trends in architecture now. To keep up with the needs, you have taken a skyscraper project. You are now solely working on the skyscraper you will be building with that huge machine. You better focus on that single thing, too. Because you have a very vital work at hand, you need to consider even seconds and centimeters. Gently drop each stack that is hanging from the excavator upon the stacks on the ground. If you work well enough, you can go higher and higher. Try to put the stacks on top of each other so as not to let them lose balance until you create a skyscraper!


- Desktop: With your mouse, left click on the desired direction to move - Touchscreen devices: Tap the screen to drop the building block. - Sound:This allows you to turn the game’s audio on and off.

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