Cricket Battle


Cricket Battle is the most advanced next-generation 3D cricket game with real cricket simulation experience. Cricket Battle is a real treat to all Cricket Fans who want to try out a wide range of Championships. Play against Real Opponents with a Random opponent through Match-making. Enjoy the game with fun-filled emojis Unlike other Cricket games, Cricket Battle gives you the Best Cricket Experience with its advanced real-time difficulty optimization algorithm with which you cannot cheat the AI and also hitting continuous sixes will not be easy. The gameplay difficulty will be unpredictable throughout the game which makes every match a nail-biting match!


- Swipe to hit the ball. - Time it perfectly on the meter below (try swiping on green) - Tap to start. - Player gets 3 overs to score. - If the player misses the timing on the meter below he/she is bowled out. - A perfect shot will Lead to a 6 or a 4 runs. - Perfectly time your shot for better runs.

Game Goal

To score as many runs as possible. To time the hit perfectly and get six and four runs. Try not getting out and save you wickets


The Game starts with 0 runs, 0 balls and 0 wickets. The player is given three overs (18 balls) to score as many runs as possible . The player has to time the hit and direction perfectly to get the maximum runs.


Swipe at the direction the player wants to hit the ball. Time it perfectly as it is triggered at the green part. The player has to swipe and time the hit perfectly. If the player is too early or too late he will be bowled out. The player needs to score as many runs as possible.

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